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The Homewards Fund

The Homewards Fund is a key part of the Homewards offer to our six flagship locations and their work to demonstrate that together, it is possible to end homelessness – making it rare, brief and unrepeated.

The Homewards Fund aims to support the delivery of each location’s Action Plan. Up to £500,000 of seed funding will be available to each location across the lifecycle of the five-year programme.

Grants can be used to help locations to deliver additional capacity, resources and projects needed to unlock scalable and transformative solutions to end homelessness.

The Homewards Fund is being managed and administered by Homeless Link, in partnership with The Royal Foundation of The Prince and Princess of Wales and the six Homewards locations across the UK.



Kickstarting Local Work

Homewards is committed to supporting the six flagship Locations to deliver on their mission to focus on preventing homelessness rather than managing it.

Alongside access to an extensive network of best-in-class expertise, potential partners and funders; a local lead to drive forward action; and a research partner to evaluate success, the Homewards Fund is providing up to £500,000 of flexible seed funding for each of the Homewards locations. This will get them started with preventative solutions to end homelessness.

While we know that this is only a start, we want to enable each Homewards Location to test new ideas, unlock new partners and investment, and learn what works – and what doesn’t.

Supporting the six Homewards Coalitions

Successful grants will enable the delivery of the Local Action Plan in each of the six Homewards Locations. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Providing additional capacity and resources to unblock barriers to ending homelessness.

  • Testing new, scalable approaches that enable long-term change in the location, with a focus on the prevention of homelessness.

  • Being used as seed funding to bring different partners together to unlock wider investment, expertise and resources.

  • Replicating and/or scaling up proven successful approaches to a new context.

Applying for the Homewards Fund

The Homewards Fund is a targeted fund, aimed at supporting members of the Homewards Coalitions in the six Homewards Locations. This might include charities, community groups, Housing Associations and private companies.

For further information and to find out whether you are eligible to apply for funding through the Homewards Fund, please contact